Interior Car Detailing

Issiah Mobile Auto Detailing is a interior mobile detailing company that travels around Hendeson, NV offering interior detailing services with the goal to clean the whole interior of the vehicle from allergies, stains & other materials that can cause odors to form or stains to sit in the seats or carpeting, which can lower not only the vision appeal of the vehicle as well as making it less enjoyable to drive.

Getting an interior detail once or twice a year will help maintain your vehicle's interior keeping it looking & smelling as new as possible for years to come.

With years of experience in interior car detailing offering 5 types of interior detailing service.

  • Mini Interior Car Detailing
  • Full Car Upholstery Shampoo
  • Full Interior Car Detailing
  • Car Detailing Odor Removal
  • Car Detailing Mold Removal

Mini Interior Car Detailing: 

A mini interior detail includes a full interior wipe & vacuum to remove a light layer of dust, dirt, crumbs or any other items for the vehicle to maintain an already clean vehicle. This service is the first step of our interior car detailing services for those that don't need any shampooing of the car upholstery.


If you do want a section of the car upholstery shampooed but not the whole interior adding on the area you want shampooed & only charging for that particular area, such as shampooing the carpeting but not the seats is something that can be done upon request.

Full Car Upholstery Shampooing:

A deep upholstery shampooing that focuses only shampooing seats, carpet & floormats of the interior of your vehicle from dirt, grim, or stains to refreshen your vehicle's upholstery.

Full Interior Car Detailing:

A deep interior car detailing provides the most intensive cleaning of the interior of your vehicle from scrubbing down all pastics & trim to remove any film or stuck on dirt that a simple wipe down cannot remove, as well as deep shampooing of all car upholstery including cloth/leather seats, carpeting & floormats to bring the condition of the interior back to like new finish.

Car Detailing Odor Removal:

Car odor removal removes 90-95% of the odor from the interior of the vehicle by doing a deep cleaning of the entire interior & running ozne treatment to remove any smell that is lingering in the air & in tight places.

Car Detailing Mold Removal: 

Customers with mold from either a leaking window seal or water got inside the vehicle & created the mold, this car detailing mold removal service will remove all the mold from the inside of the vehicle leaving it safe & clean to drive without the worry of being exposed to it which can cause health problems.